The first week of February celebrates International Networking Week and it is only fitting that as a community that loves to meet people, we commence the celebrations here in Rutland County. To join the excitement for International Networking Week, we’re sharing our 5 best networking tips for Rutland County, whether you are new to the area or have lived here for many years.

International Networking Week typically involves a lengthy list of networking opportunities for communities to encourage individuals to meet new people, expand their horizons, and maybe even step outside their comfort zone. We are so fortunate in Rutland County where despite our rural lifestyles, we have tremendous opportunities to meet new people to build our personal and professional networks.


Stop by a Chamber & Economic Development of the Rutland Region Mixer



Chamber & Economic Development of the Rutland Region (CEDRR) is a local non-profit with a passion for making Rutland County the best place to live, work, and play. CEDRR recognizes that part of this is having a vibrant community with people who are well connected. Every month, CEDRR offers a monthly Mixer to allow individuals of the broader community to come together at varying businesses throughout the county to learn more about our regional businesses and network with area professionals. Be sure to stay tuned on their website for upcoming Mixers and other fun events happening throughout the region.

Check out a Rutland Young Professionals Mix

Rutland Young Professionals is an all-volunteer-run organization that works to engage with young professionals throughout Rutland County (and beyond) by offering a wide variety of networking opportunities as well as other events and programming. Monthly mixes take place to allow young professionals of all industries the ability to network and make new friends along the way.

Volunteer at a Local Organization

The list of organizations around Rutland County that are looking for volunteers to support their ongoing efforts is endless. Rutland County is a community filled with resilience and a passion to build a vibrant region which is why you will be sure to find countless individuals volunteering their time to help others. Volunteering at one of our many organizations provides a great opportunity to meet other like-minded individuals with similar passions and interests. As you meet new individuals, ask them where they volunteer to find one that will be a good fit for you and consider joining them.

Take a Class!

Classes and workshops are available all around us! Whether you’re looking for a Zumba class or a painting class, we’ve got you covered. We have several local gyms that offer a variety of classes, including The Gymnasium and Vermont Sport & Fitness. Be sure to check them out! The Chaffee Art Center offers a variety of year-round classes. By joining a class (whatever interests you!) you’re allowing yourself to connect with individuals of all skill levels in a hobby that you love.

See a Show at the Paramount Theatre

This may sound a little strange as a way to network, but we guarantee you will make a new connection when attending a show at our famous Paramount Theatre. While you may be sitting for most of the time, you are bound to meet someone new. Our local theatre attracts individuals and families from all over, bringing diverse artists, speakers, and attendees. When you arrive, visit the bar for a beverage of your choice and start chatting with those around you.

One of the main reasons people fall in love with Rutland County is its rural lifestyle but still maintains the amenities of some larger areas. Our region is proud to be able to offer a variety of ways to network, even in a rural area. As we find ourselves in the middle of International Networking Week, we encourage you to try one of our tips for networking and hope to see many new friends at a CEDRR Mixer, RYP Mix, volunteering, taking a class, or enjoying a show at Paramount.

If you are looking to relocate to Rutland County, consider connecting with one of our concierge volunteers today to start building your network before you even arrive.

*Please note that some in-person events may be on pause due to the pandemic.