The first twelve years of your kid’s schooling are in your hands. So choosing a school system that will bring out their best potential is no easy call to make. If you’re considering Rutland public schools, take heart. With a solid variety of quality courses and extracurriculars to get involved in, the schools have plenty to be proud of.

5 Reasons Rutland Public Schools Earn High Marks

Courses to Pique Every Interest

Would your son or daughter go bonkers over the chance to take a real robotics class? How about the opportunity to pursue creative outlets in graphic design or theatre, or get some hands-on experience wrenching on cars and learning about forestry? These are all course options included in Rutland High School’s in-depth Program of Studies. In addition to a well-rounded collection of core academics, the school offers unique options like the ability to take technical classes at the Stafford Technical Center, a two-year Health Careers Academy, and the ability to participate in the Vermont State Dual Enrollment Program.

Performance Excellence Initiative Reports

Well-rounded students go beyond a report card that’ll please their parents — they’re also involved in the community. That’s why the Rutland public schools system has created a Performance Excellence Initiative to track and highlight the many ways Rutland students are giving back and growing personally. From elementary students volunteering in programs like Jump Rope for Heart and Stuff-a-Bus, to high school students joining the Key Club and National Honor Society, Rutland schools give students the support and tools they need to give back and grow.

A Music Program for Everyone

In addition to being a creative outlet, the benefits of music education reach all areas of learning — from brain development to improved test scores. But for some students, the expense of a musical instrument is, unfortunately, prohibitive. Rutland public schools make music available to all children as early as the third grade. Even students that can’t afford instruments are able to take lessons (including orchestra!) to encourage an early, and continued, involvement with the arts.

Rutland High Hosts Global Issues Network Conferences

The Global Issues Network (GIN) is dedicated to empowering today’s youth to become global citizens by encouraging local, regional, and global collaboration in order to find solutions to worldwide issues. GIN Conferences are student led and bring together local change-makers to discuss current issues and work towards creating change on a global, national, or local level. Rutland High School proudly hosts GIN Conferences and is the only school in Vermont to do so — they’ve even been asked to present internationally.

High School “Semester Off” Option

Studying abroad isn’t reserved just for the college kids — if your child attends Rutland High School they’ll also have the opportunity to get an early taste of adulthood. High school students have the ability to take a semester “off” through a student cultural exchange program, or begin taking a semester of classes (and earning credits) at area colleges.

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