Meet Arwen Turner

Our Real Rutland Concierge Coordinator, Karly Haven, has been interviewing Real Rutland Concierge Volunteers and new residents. This week, we are featuring Arwen Turner, Executive Director of Come Alive Outside. The mission of Come Alive Outside is “To inspire collaborative community systems that create awareness, intention, and opportunity for people to live healthier lives outside.” The organization designs events and programs to help children and adults get outside and live healthier lives.

The Interview:

Karly Haven (KH): Tell me a little about yourself.

Arwen Turner (AT): I have been living in the Rutland region for three years with my partner, Paul “Studmuffin” Gillett. We moved here from Colorado in July 2020. I have two fur babies. I am also a body inclusion advocate. I love being outside and helping people get outdoors. I’m obsessed with Halloween as well.

KH: What drew your family to the Rutland Region?

AT: I was living in Colorado working remotely for Come Alive Outside and was coming back and forth to Rutland. It seemed like a community where you could make a difference. I loved the trails and outdoor amenities and enjoyed the quality of life.

KH: How did you find out about the Concierge Program when you were moving to Rutland?

Arwen Turner and Paul “Studmuffin” Gillett.

AT: Andy Paluch (TPW Real Estate) told me about the program. Then five other people from Rutland told me about it.

KH: What drew you to join the Concierge Program as a volunteer after going through the program?

AT: It sounded like a welcoming service when moving into a new town. Also, it only took about seven days of living in Rutland, after living in 13 different places around the world, for me to realize that Rutland County was my forever home. Through the Concierge Program, I was able to be connected to people I thought I could befriend giving me instant community.

KH: What is your favorite part of the Concierge Program?

AT: I absolutely love sharing little treasures of Rutland County with people. I loved driving through Poultney recently with a prospective resident who was looking at houses. It was so much fun!

KH: What are your final thoughts on the Concierge Program?

AT: I think it’s one of those things that makes Rutland special. If we are talking about a community that is trying to be more inclusive, welcoming, and interesting, this program is a great example of those efforts in action.

Thank you so much, Arwen for taking the time to chat! We enjoy your exuberant community spirit and applaud your volunteerism.