Brian Kamuda Vertical Crop

Much More Than a Country Store

Brian & Christine Kamuda

“A big part of moving back to my hometown is about more than selling groceries,” says Brian Kamuda, grandson of Joseph and Josephine Kamuda, who opened Kamuda’s Country Market in Pittsford, VT in 1939. “It’s about making a positive impact.”

Brian and his wife, Christine, lived in Orlando, Florida for over a decade while Brian worked for the NBA, but revisiting his roots was always in discussion. “We’d been talking about coming back and running the store for as long as we’ve been together,” says Christine Kamuda. “Whenever we went to dinner, we would have all these ideas for the store”...

Brian and Christine are the third generation to own Kamuda’s Country Market, which has always served as a community hub. Locals come to the store to chat, catch up on news, organize carpools, and discuss groceries for their weekend get-togethers. “It’s a real life Facebook!” jokes Brian, who spends his days in the store, interacting with customers and making sure they're both heard and helped. They’re proud to support other local businesses, too, with as many as 75 Vermont vendors featured in the store at any given time. And the Kamuda’s have discovered that local goods aren’t a tough sell — instead, people are eager to support each other. “Vermonters have a give-first mentality,” says Brian.

Outside of the store, living in Rutland County is ideal for their young family. “Having our children enjoy the seasons is huge for us,” says Christine. Swimming and

boating in Lake Bomoseen make summer wonderful, and Pine Hill Park is a frequent destination for their boys, James and Bryce, to explore nature. There’s a sense of optimism and investment in the community that Brian has noticed since becoming a father and returning to Rutland County. James and Bryce are learning to be curious outside, to entertain themselves, and can grow up feeling like a part of something bigger than themselves.

Christine and Brian are invested in making Kamuda’s Country Market another source of positive change in Rutland County, but they know that they’re not doing it alone. “Shoutout to our employees,” says Brian. “They’re the secret in the sauce — they go out of their way to make it a family experience.”