VEDA Helps Make Business Plans a Reality

VTDigger, a Vermont news source, recently highlighted Jamie Hamilton. Jamie is a Rutland County resident who runs Hamilton Cattle Company, located in Chittenden and Florence, Vermont. Real Rutland is happy to introduce you to Jamie and help you picture your potential business here in Vermont.

Hamilton Cattle Company

Hamilton Cattle Company is a grass-fed, cow-calf-to-finish beef operation located in Florence and Chittenden, Vermont. We take pride in raising cattle that spend the majority of their lives on open pastureland grazing from late April to December, and consuming hay through the winter months. Cattle are fed and managed with close regard to their health, human health, and the environment. The farm raises Red Devon and Angus genetics to produce a product that is flavorful and nutritious. Jamie Hamilton started the business in 2020 after returning home from traveling the country the previous fall.


Vermont Economic Development Authority (VEDA)

VEDA is Vermont’s economic development finance authority, staffed by a seasoned group of Vermont professionals. With over 300 years of combined lending experience, the VEDA team is dedicated to meeting the financing needs of Vermont businesses and farms. Since 1974, VEDA has provided $2.5 billion in low-interest financing to Vermonters.

VEDA has a working partnership with private lenders. VEDA’s customized financing solutions fit the individual needs of borrowers whether small, agricultural, or commercial.


Jamie Hamilton’s Connection to VEDA

Jamie Hamilton believes his young age is a benefit as a business owner.

Having turned 26 in September, he has done what many have tried — he’s his own boss, managing a successful and growing operation. After college, Hamilton worked for other farms for a bit, including a large organic beef operation, before he said the opportunity to buy out another company sort of fell into his lap.

Hamilton didn’t grow up on a farm. He got into the field helping out on a neighbor’s dairy as a summer job early in his teens, when he fell in love with the work. He considered becoming a veterinarian and pursued animal science at the University of Vermont before making the jump to Vermont Technical College, where he studied dairy management and diversified agriculture.

When the to-buy opportunity presented itself, he started by working with the outgoing farmer, managing the herd, and building up some equity. This turned into an owner-financed relationship, but eventually, Hamilton knew he wanted to expand.

“Working with him allowed me to get into a position where I could go to VEDA and say, ‘Hey, I’ve got this collateral’,” Hamilton said. “It gave me, and provided VEDA, a track record to show, ‘This guy has been in business for a couple of years, he’s generating X amount of income,’ it wasn’t like I had nothing to show.”

For VEDA, providing financing this way was relatively low-risk since he’d put in the time to forge his path. He wasn’t overwhelmed with debt, there was an existing partnership in place with the selling party; it all made sense.

Plus, it enabled Hamilton to feel comfortable going it alone, with VEDA having his back.

Jamie is an example of someone who made their dream a reality here in Rutland County, Vermont. You could make your dream a reality as well.

If you are interested in learning more about this beautiful place so many have made their home, connect with us here! We are always happy to discuss opportunities in our region.

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