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Finding Curling and Community

Jessica Kalb

Jessica Kalb is Rutland’s unofficial cheerleader. “I’m always recruiting people to the Rutland area because it has the perfect mix of the hustle and bustle without the hassle of waiting in lines in stores and traffic. The best thing is you don’t have to trade convenience for opportunity.”

When someone asks what the Rutland community is like, she tells the story about the day she and her husband, Jimmy, had a huge load of gravel delivered to their house – and their neighbors spontaneously showed up with shovels to help disperse it. With that kind of neighborly gesture, it’s easy to understand that when they actually make plans with their neighbors, amazing things happen, like block parties, barbecues, and even a Zombie Prom...


Jessica is originally from Louisville, Kentucky, where she worked in homecare. In Rutland, she discovered TLC Homecare & Nursing, a locally-owned, mission-driven company that supplies staff to hospitals and personalized at-home care services. Jessica applied for a part time job, but was offered the Regional VP position instead.

Among other responsibilities, she gets to teach a class, create programming, network with other branches, and hang out at the Council of Aging to provide a support system for seniors. It’s clear that Jessica is still amazed that a millennial from Kentucky was given a shot at such a great position, but that’s the kind of opportunity she’s discovered again and again in Rutland.


In her spare time, you’ll find Jessica on the ice with the Rutland Curling Club. She discovered the club through the Rutland Young Professionals network, and especially loves how intergenerational it is, bringing people together at the Giorgetti Arena for practices and tournaments.

It’s this kind of community networking and inclusion that makes Jessica excited to be a Rutlander. She likes that regular civilians don’t have to resort to politics to get things done; you can just jump in and say “I think we need this thing.” You’ll end up pioneering that project, but the community will be behind you. For Jessica, that feels good.