Kelly Connaughton - Pittsford Vermont

Community Leader

Kelly Connaughton

Kelly Connaughton dreamed of raising her family in a rural community. That goal became a reality when her husband accepted a job in Rutland County and the family relocated, bought a home, and settled into life in Pittsford, VT.

You’d think being a full-time mom of three boys would be more than enough responsibility for someone, but not for Kelly. Like a juggler introducing new props without batting an eyelash, she donates a significant amount of time and energy to the community she’s adopted. We’re not talking one volunteer gig, either. The Recreation Department, Village Farm project, Wonderfeet Museum, Maclure Library board, Pittsford PTO are just a few of the organizations that have benefited from Kelly’s enthusiastic, charitable nature. What’s the driving force that inspires her to dedicate so much of her free time to her community? “If there’s something you want changed, you need to be the change,” she explains, “You need to put your effort forward to make your corner of the world better.”