As Winter officially begins, Vermonters are used to preparing for big snowstorms. I want to share some of my favorite at-home snow day activities. Many ideas may seem like things we did as kids, but days when you are stuck inside, call for being silly and having fun!


Build a blanket fort

Push the furniture together and gather all blankets in your home. Some people use mattresses as their base, I usually lay a large blanket or comforter down and fill the fort with pillows. Set up a laptop or a TV so you can watch your favorite shows and movies. If you are looking for a cozier, more romantic feel, pull up a 10-hour loop of a fireplace on YouTube.


Movie marathon

This brings us to a movie marathon. Whether you set out to watch all eight Harry Potter movies, or watch your all-time favorites, curling up under a blanket with plenty of snacks is a go-to for these chilly days.


Make cookies or a new recipe

Another fun activity is making cookies! Sometimes you may throw some cookies in the oven and pop them out just in time to eat them, but on snowy days, you have extra time. Take out the icing and sprinkles and decorate them. No icing or sprinkles? Use berries, and whipped cream mixed with food coloring. Or try a new recipe. If you do not have all the ingredients, substitute with what you have.


Spa day with face masks

While I do not recommend making a DIY face mask every day, this could be a fun snow day activity. There are many face mask recipes online for you to choose from. But a go-to for me is mixing equal parts coffee grounds and olive oil.


Play outside

Finally, this may seem like an obvious option, but go outside and play in the snow! If there is enough to go sledding, see who can make it down the hill the fastest. No sled? The tops of garbage bins, storage containers, and even pizza boxes work. If the snow is sticky, build snow people, or start a good old-fashioned snowball fight.


Most kids hope for snow days, so they miss a day of school. But as an adult, they can be just as fun. If you have more questions about winter in Vermont, reach out to our Real Rutland Concierge Coordinator. She will help you navigate the snowy weather and general questions about moving here.