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Wildlife makes itself at home in Rutland County

Written by Steve Costello Rutland County wildlife can be found around just about every bend in the road or trail, on the edges of small bays, brooks, and vernal pools, even in city backyards. From the heart of Rutland to the region’s tallest mountain, here are three great places to take in nature and look…

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5 Reasons a Young Professional Should Choose Rutland County

Rutland Young Professionals

Entering the workforce can be challenging for anyone – but living in a community with opportunities busting at the seams and surrounding yourself with motivating people makes it much easier.

There can be a misconception sometimes that young professionals should start out their careers in more urban areas to advance their careers at a faster rate. However, Rutland County has proven time-and-time again that this certainly is not the case. Here are five reasons why young professionals should choose Rutland County as a place to build their careers.

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How Maple Syrup is made at the Baird Farm in Chittenden Vermont

Sugaring has been a Vermont tradition for generations. Native Americans have made sugar in this area for as far back as folks remember. They taught the settlers of the area how to make maple syrup. Maple syrup is a wonderful natural sweetener that’s full of good sugars, minerals, and antioxidants. Today, more folks are moving away from highly processed sugars like high fructose corn syrup and switching to maple. It is not just for your pancakes anymore. In Rutland County, there’s a vibrant maple community. A lot has changed and modernized in the industry, but the basics have remained the same. Here’s a snapshot of how we make maple at Baird Farm today.

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