Then and Now: Supporting Diversity in Vermont

Jeffrey Brace Sign - Vermont African American Heritage Trail

What makes up 94.6% of Vermont? It’s not ski resort  and dairy cows or tappable maple trees, to get those guesses out of the way. Vermont’s population of white residents claim this high percentage, according to 2016 U.S. Census Bureau statistics. Although Vermont Public Radio has shared insight as to why this may be, improving…

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Raising a Family in Rutland County, Vermont

Mother Father and Two Kids Biking - Raising a Family in Rutland County

What’s it like to raise a family in Rutland County, Vermont? For Shannon and Tom, choosing Rutland came with a safe and welcoming community, plenty of outdoor and kid-friendly activities, and all the amenities they could want.

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Real Rutland “5 Minutes Away”

Skier in Fresh Snow - Killington Vermont

Meet Laura. She grew up in Rutland County and moved away for college. After spending a couple years in big cities, she decided it was time to put lifestyle first and made the move back to Rutland. She now lives in downtown Rutland City, where she gets all the amenities she enjoyed in bit cities…

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Real Rutland “Outdoor Adventure”

Katelyn & John - Rutland City - Outdoor Adventure

Say hi to Katelyn and John, outdoor enthusiasts who’ve lived all over the country but chose Rutland County to settle down, buy a house and launch their careers. Even though they’re walking distance to downtown Rutland’s restaurants and theaters, they’re just minutes away from world-class mountain biking and skiing (and even, in John’s case, paragliding!).

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Real Rutland “A Great Place to Raise a Family”

RUVT Real Rutland Badge with Soccer Ball - Rutland, A Great Place To Raise a Family

Meet the Pooles, a real Rutland family who moved from New York and chose to call Rutland Town their home. Why? How ’bout free preschool at Rutland Town public schools? Or the safe neighborhood? Or the endless outdoor recreation? Or maybe it’s all the restaurants? Whatever it is, it’s all in Rutland County.

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5 Outstanding Qualities of Rutland Public Schools

Rutland High School Football Field - Rutland Public Schools

The first twelve years of your kid’s schooling are in your hands. So choosing a school system that will bring out their best potential is no easy call to make. If you’re considering Rutland public schools, take heart. With a solid variety of quality courses and extracurriculars to get involved in, the schools have plenty…

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