Rutland County Jobs and the Entrepreneurial Spirit

Two Nurses in Scrubs - Rutland Regional Medical Center

On the hunt for your next big job? Always dreamed of starting your own business? Rutland County, Vermont is home to top employers like the Rutland Regional Medical Center and also embraces the classic pioneer spirit for those who prefer blazing their own trail.

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Real Rutland “5 Minutes Away”

Skier in Fresh Snow - Killington Vermont

Meet Laura. She grew up in Rutland County and moved away for college. After spending a couple years in big cities, she decided it was time to put lifestyle first and made the move back to Rutland. She now lives in downtown Rutland City, where she gets all the amenities she enjoyed in bit cities…

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Real Rutland “Outdoor Adventure”

Katelyn & John - Rutland City - Outdoor Adventure

Say hi to Katelyn and John, outdoor enthusiasts who’ve lived all over the country but chose Rutland County to settle down, buy a house and launch their careers. Even though they’re walking distance to downtown Rutland’s restaurants and theaters, they’re just minutes away from world-class mountain biking and skiing (and even, in John’s case, paragliding!).

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Real Rutland “Where You From?”

Silhouette of Downtown Rutland and Churches

Rutland County, Vermont is a place for honest, hardworking people who just… get it. They choose lifestyle first, and then figure the rest out. Are you from Rutland County, or have you spent time here? Visit and tell us why you love it here.

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Real Rutland “Your Happy Place”

Man Rock Climbing - Rutland County

When’s the last time you asked yourself, “Whoa… How am I just finding out about this place?” Rutland County, Vermont is the up-and-coming area that deserves a second look. Never been? Come on up for a visit, or head to and ask real Rutland’ers anything about the place they call home.

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