Zion Growers, based in St. Johnsbury, Vermont is working with a farmer in Fair Haven, Vermont to harvest hemp.

Why hemp in Rutland County?

Travis Samuels, COO of Zion Growers, based in St. Johnsbury, is originally from Vermont. Samuels and his business partner decided to base their hemp work in Vermont, so they can work with farmers with pre-existing farms and help them diversify their typical crops.

This first initial crop of hemp is about five acres and grew in Fair Haven. It was also the only field grown in Vermont that was not a true test or study through a university or program.

Samuels describes hemp as a cousin of a cousin of THC. There is no floral material to smoke or turn into tinctures as people do with THC and CBD. The fiber Zion Growers processes is the same fiber most people are familiar with for clothing and textiles. This will give Samuels the material to process initially, so they can send out more samples and prove they are starting a true business that is going to be on the ground here in Vermont, expanding farmers and farming in general.

Click the photo above to watch our latest video about Zion Growers harvesting hemp.


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