Making art opens the mind and helps generate innovation in everyday tasks. Luckily, for those of us who live in Rutland County, we have multiple spaces where we can flex our creativity. These are our five favorite spots.

The MINT Makerspace

Make, innovate, network, and tinker are all in its name. The MINT Makerspace in Rutland is a wonderful, shared workshop for adults and kids with little to a ton of experience. The community is made up of people sharing their knowledge, experience, ideas, tools, equipment, AND workshop space. The MINT offers classes throughout the week for everyone of all skill levels in various areas like pottery, jewelry making, stained glass, letterpress, and spoon carving. There is even a designated area for kids, teens, and families called The Boiler, where STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics) happens. Offering classes for kids and week-long camps during school vacations.


Chaffee Art Center

This 1890s Queen Anne Victorian Mansion doubles as an art gallery and event space. The Chaffee Art Center in Rutland offers art classes for adults and kids. On the third Wednesday of every month, bring your own supplies and practice figure drawing with a live model, or sign up for a sip and paint night, or watercolor class! This month, the Chaffee Art Center is offering classes for kids on Thursdays and Fridays for kids. They even host classes for kids as young as three!


The Carving Studio and Sculpture Center

If your preferred medium is stone, head to The Carving Studio and Sculpture Center in West Rutland. This part of Rutland County was once a global leader in producing marble. Today, artists can take inspiration from works carved in the very same spot, almost 200 years ago. This month, work with alabaster, an easy-to-carve rock with beautiful color. This class is for beginners and experienced sculptors who want to hone their carving skills and three-dimensional thinking.

Pictured to the left is a marble statue of Julia Dorr (1825-1913), a memorial to the Vermont poet and travel writer. This is the ninth sculpture added to the “Sculpture Trail” in Rutland. The statue’s designer is Amanda Sisk. Marble carvers, Evan Morse and Taylor Apostol created this beauty at the Carving Studio and Sculpture center.



Stone Valley Arts

If you have a very young child you would like to introduce to the arts, check out Rosemary Moser’s WoodSpryte Early Learning Adventures at Stone Valley Arts in Poultney. Stone Valley Arts is not only for kids, it welcomes people of all ages and levels of experience to participate in visual art, music, theater, dance, and literary arts programming. If you are looking for a welcoming space to move your body, take one of their many dance classes for kids or adults.


Green Mountain Yarn & Fiber

Do you dream of knitting yourself some matching mittens and hats, but have no idea where to begin? Green Mountain Yarn & Fiber in Rutland is the place for you! A few upcoming classes are Crochet Cowl Workshop, Tapestry Weaving with Mallory Zondag, and a Mitten Knitting Workshop. Green Mountain Yarn & Fiber also has free “come to sit-n-knit” on Sundays. This welcoming group is made up of people with a range of abilities and experience who are more than willing to help someone else out.

Creativity flows throughout Rutland County and its residents. If you are interested in learning more about this beautiful place so many have made their home, connect with us here! We are always happy to discuss opportunities in our region.