A long weekend in Rutland County

Last month, we hosted four families for a long weekend, Thursday through Sunday, in Rutland County. The families had the opportunity to explore the area with a focus on relocating. Here is a little recap about the giveaway and who the families are.

Two of our Weekend Getaway Families at the Welcome Dinner, seated with locals.

Who are the families and what activities did they do while here?

Two winning families traveled to Rutland County, Vermont from Texas, one from Ohio, and another from Connecticut. They all had a wonderful time staying at the Killington Grand Hotel, dining at local restaurants, exploring downtowns and mountain tops, and meeting locals who call this area home. One family met with a realtor to discuss the area and another family visited a school. The four winning families all took part in the County-Wide Scavenger Hunt. Below are photos from their travels.

Welcome Dinner

The weekend began with a welcome dinner at The Lookout Tavern. The families joined Real Rutland representatives and a few locals for a meal to chat about their plans for the weekend and why they are interested in relocating to Rutland County. This was a great time for our winners to ask questions about the area and receive advice for traveling around.

Photos from the Rutland County Scavenger Hunt.

Scavenger Hunt

The County-Wide Scavenger Hunt took our families to all twenty-six towns and one city within Rutland County’s 945 square miles. They adventured to Brandon, the most northern area of the county, and as far west as Benson Landing – on the New York border. The hunt included finding a tucked-away waterfall, marble sculptures of prominent locals, cows, Vermont’s only true castle, our local airport, and scenic vistas. While driving around the county, our winners were able to envision themselves living in the downtown areas, rural rolling hills, or on a cul-de-sac in a medium-sized town.

Photos from the Rutland County Scavenger Hunt.

Sweater Weather Soiree and Pittsford Chili Cookoff 

On Saturday, Real Rutland and Come Alive Outside hosted the Sweater Weather Soiree. This event was the epitome of a fall event in Vermont. There was a sweater swap, a sweater auction, sheep that people could pet, products that had been ethically made from the sheep’s wool, and local businesses were selling fall treats and soups. Here, the winning families were able to meet even more locals and see what fun events are common in the area. Earlier in the day, a few families attended the Chili Cookoff in Pittsford, Vermont. This is one of many chili cookoffs in the area. Can you tell, Vermonters like to eat?

Two of our winning families at the goodbye breakfast, one family is seated with locals.

Goodbye Breakfast

Sunday morning, we met at Sugar and Spice, a quintessential Vermont restaurant, to discuss the weekend. The majority favored riding the gondola to the top of Killington Mountain to see the foliage. But taking the time to know the area and determine where they might see themselves working and living in the future was a nerve-settling, exciting, and important aspect of this getaway. We discussed which towns offer the most, housing, jobs in the area, and restaurants to visit when they return.

We plan to continue hosting this giveaway in the future. Be on the lookout for your chance to win next year. If you are interested in connecting with our Concierge Coordinator to discuss relocating, click here to schedule a time to chat. We are always happy to discuss the beautiful area we love to call, “home.”